URI Theatre to present Stuff Happens in October

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Examines events leading to Iraq war

KINGSTON, R.I. –September 28, 2007 – The University of Rhode Island’s Theatre Department will present Stuff Happens in October in J Studio of URI Fine Arts Center, 105 Upper College Road, Kingston Campus.

The play runs Oct. 11 through 13 and Oct. 18 through 20 at 7:30 p.m. and Oct. 14 and 21 at 3 p.m. The Oct. 18 performance will be sign interpreted for the hearing impaired. Admission is $14 for the general public, $10 for senior citizens and URI faculty/staff, and $8 for students. For reservations, call the box office at 401-874-5843. For more information, call 401-874-5921.

“Stuff Happens” is what Donald Rumsfeld said four years ago, during the looting of Baghdad after a whirlwind military campaign secured the fall of that city. Originally written a year after the conquest of Baghdad, Stuff Happens gives the audience an insider’s look at the political and diplomatic run-up to the Iraq-American war. The events depicted in the play actually occurred and remain relevant in the current national discussion on the war and its future course.

Stuff Happens, a history play, is a serious and thoughtful depiction of the personalities and issues that led America and Britain into the first major war of the 21st Century. It is a powerful and riveting play that will present audience members with fresh insight into the character of America’s leadership in these times of historic decision-making.

Hare’s dynamite drama is absorbing political theater. Bring an open mind, especially for after-show panel discussions. The first discussion will be a MatChat, short for matinee chat, which will feature actors, the director, designers, and URI faculty members immediately following the Sunday, Oct. 14 matinee performance. The second panel discussion will be Thursday, Oct. 18 when College Republicans and College Democrats will meet with the audience after that evening’s performance.

Stuff Happens is directed by URI Associate Professor Christian Wittwer, scenic design by William P. Wieters, costume design by Marilyn Salvatore, lighting design by Jeffrey M. Whitsett, and sound design by Peter E. Nabut.

Members of the cast, their characters, and hometowns follow:


Ama Appiah, Condoleeza Rice , Providence

Ahmed Bharoocha, Iraqi Exile – Viewpoint, N. Smithfield

Kevin Brocolli, Tony Blair, Johnston

Cory Crew, Soldier, Hans Blix, Jacques Chirac, and more, Putname Valley, N.Y.

Jamie Dufault, Male Narrator, De Villepin, Narragansett

Kate Ferdinandi, Palestinian Academic – Viewpoint, Coventry

Tyler Fischer, George W. Bush , Bradford, Conn.

Autumn Gillette, Richard Dearlove, Mrs. Powell, Michael Gerson, Manchester, Mass.

Ben A. Gracia, Colin Powell, E. Providence

Ben Grills, Alastair Campell, Igor Ivanov, Alan Simpson, Ashaway

Nile Hawver, Paul Wolfowitz, Coventry

Greg Infussi, George Tenet, foreign official, General, N. Providence

Melanie Kane, Journalist, Mrs. Tenet, Providence

Allyson Lenz, Labor Politician – Viewpoint, Cranston

Jennifer Michaels, David Manning, Angry Journalist -Viewpoint, Stonington, Conn.

Rachel Nadeau, Laura Bush, Jean-David Levitte, Mrs. Blix, Coventry

Michael Pilacik, Soldier, Tenet’s Deputy, Second Journalist,

Michael Pilacik, Chief, John McCain, Sergei Lavrov, Amin, W. Nyak, N.Y.

Michael Puppi, Jack Straw, Mohamed ElBaradei, Robin Cook, Narragansett

Emily Reese, Female Narrator, Mrs. Rumsfeld, Springfield, Mass.

Nevan Richard, Donald Rumsfeld, Cheshire, Conn.

Stephanie Rodger, General, Le Monde, Mother, Mrs. Cheney, Coventry

Ben Rose, Dick Cheney, Charlestown

Johnny Sederquist, Colleague, Rice’s Deputy, Negroponte, Middleboro, Mass.

Johnny Sederquist, Iraqi Man, Iraqi VP,

Josh Short, Saddam Hussein, Brit in NY – Viewpoint, S. Kingston

Pang Xiong, Yo-yo Ma, Refugee, interviewer, Mrs. Wolfowitz, Providence

Pictured above

URI students (l-r) Ben Gracia of East Providence plays Colin Powell, Tyler Fisher of Bradford, Conn. plays President George W. Bush, and Nevan Richard of Cheshire, Conn. plays Donald Rumsfeld in URI’s production of Stuff Happens. URI Theatre photo by Randy Osga.