URI science research in the news

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The news about scientific research and discoveries being made at the University of Rhode Island is traveling far and wide. This includes a range of research projects and experts from diverse fields who are receiving extensive international news coverage for their works.

Pharmacy Professor Navindra Seeram has made some exciting discoveries about the health benefits of maple syrup, and the announcement about it at a meeting of the American Chemical Society created quite the buzz. The study focused on maple syrup from Canada, and every major daily newspaper in Canada — more than 20 of them — reported the story, including the Toronto Star and Vancouver Sun, as well as Canada’s major TV network, CBC. The story has also been reported by the Providence Journal, New London Day, Glamour, the Times of India, the Japan Herald, and two dozen U.S. television stations.

At the same scientific conference, Seeram and URI colleague Scott McWilliams reported that birds stopping on Block Island during migration choose to feed on the healthiest berries available, even when the birds don’t eat berries during the rest of the year. This discovery resulted in news stories on Discovery Channel News, MSNBC, and Science Daily , as well as additional reports in Polish, German, Spanish, Japanese and Portugese.

In addition, Professor Terry Bradley‘s development of the with enhanced muscle growth generated attention on hundreds of blogs and news websites, from National Geographic, The Economist, and Popular Science and The Daily Mail in England. It was also the subject of a Reuters TV report that aired worldwide and one on Channel 10 news that later turned up on TV stations around the U.S. The URI-produced video of his work is a YouTube hit, with 20-times as many viewings as any other URI video!

Among the other recent news reports featuring URI scientists are a Voice of America TV segment about the affect of global warming on marine life; a New York Times report on wind power in Rhode Island, which includes faculty research on the subject; and reports about the environmental impact of the Rhode Island floods in the Providence Business News and Providence Journal.

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