URI professor ‘s economic index points to disappointing 2014 so far

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WHAT: The April Current Conditions Index remained stuck at its same value since February–58. This extends the string of consecutive months during which the index has failed to improve relative to its year-earlier value to nine. Looking at the index for all of 2014, one has to conclude that this year is turning out to be a real disappointment. To summarize Rhode Island’s current economic performance with one word, that word would be precarious.

WHO: URI Professor of Economics Leonard Lardaro, creator and author of the Current Conditions Index.

WHEN: For release Wednesday, June 11, 2014

HOW: Use attached information, including summary and charts prepared by Lardaro for news reports. He is available for broadcast and print interviews. The new information and other historical information can also be found on Lardaro’s web site at http://www.llardaro.com/current.htm. Lardaro will be blogging about the new labor data during the coming weeks. You can find his discussion and charts at http://rieconomy.blogspot.com.

Available Online: http://www.llardaro.com/current.htm (NEW URL) Blog: http://rieconomy.blogspot.com

FOR INFORMATION: Leonard Lardaro, office, 401-874-4128, home, 401-783-9563

Dave Lavallee, URI Department of Communications and Marketing, 401-874-5862.

BACKGROUND: The Current Conditions Index, created by Lardaro, measures the strength of the present economic climate in R.I. by following the behavior of 12 indicators.