Student-run media company opening doors for students, local businesses

University Pulse Media says it’s ‘The heartbeat of your campus’

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KINGSTON, R.I.- September 20, 2017- University Pulse Media started as the brainchild of senior marketing major Connor Flynn and is quickly growing into a legitimate, student-centered social media advertising agency with the goal of connecting students at the University of Rhode Island with local businesses.

During his junior year at URI, Flynn had the opportunity to post social media content affiliated with the popular Barstool Sports website and tailor it to the URI student body. Barstool Sports generates most of its content from its users. Flynn then realized there was a need for content that was professional, but delivered in a way that would grab the attention of URI students and local businesses.

“Our first promotional video was released following our appearance at First Night where we gained close to 200 followers on Instagram,” the Coventry, R.I. native said. “This video, like the majority of the content that we plan to produce, was paired with a giveaway. This time we gave away Migos (concert) tickets.”

The concept of the business is simple: The University Pulse team will pair with local businesses to create content (mostly videos) designed to generate student interest. University Pulse charges small fees for the video productions.

The U-Pulse team then sells the content to the businesses to be used on social media accounts to reach students. In return, the company or organization provides prizes ranging from concert tickets to food stipends, all to be given away when the promotional video drops.

“We started this hoping to target and build content for the University. Currently, one of our main goals is to help students realize all of the amenities available to them right in the Kingston Emporium at the top of campus,” Flynn said.

He doesn’t do all the work alone, though, the company has a board, comprised of students, who contribute to financial management, creative direction, video production, and much more. “We are always looking for more help,” the chief executive officer said. “In addition to producing quality content, we want to give other students the opportunity to have access to content creation that they might not have had otherwise.”

So far, University Pulse Media has two signed clients, one of which is Caliente, the growing Mexican restaurant at the Kingston Emporium. “When we sign clients, it’s a subscription, not a one time thing,” Flynn said. “Once our website is up and running, there will be a partners’ option where visitors of the site can go to their websites, explore, and see the content we created for them. This way, prospective clients can see the type of work we are capable of, too.”

With nothing but good feedback so far, Flynn and his partners hope to continue to deliver quality content to students while helping promote local businesses. “One of our main objectives is giving back to the URI community while providing value, whether it be through content or giveaway materials,” Flynn said. “We want to create content that people will watch or look at while gathering interest for local businesses and showing that content creation can drive revenue.”

As far as where the media company might be in the future, Flynn is nothing short of optimistic. “How cool would it be to work for yourself? I cannot think of something much more rewarding and fun than putting out content that people like,” Flynn explained. “If it works at URI, we can apply the same formula to schools across the state that don’t have content teams, because they all should.”

To connect with Flynn or any other member of the University Pulse Media team, visit or find them on Instagram and Twitter @upulsemedia

Olivia Ross, an intern in the Marketing and Communications Department at URI and public relations major, wrote this press release.