New course at URI explores “Women in Music”

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KINGSTON, R.I. – August 18, 2010 — The University of Rhode Island Music Department and Women’s Studies Program are co-sponsoring a new “Women In Music: Musicianship and Pedagogy” class that will provide a multi-cultural look at women conductors, performers and composers throughout history.

The course will be held Wednesdays from 4:30 – 7:15 p.m. on the Kingston Campus and is open for registration under MUS 570 or WMS 490 section 0200.

The unique class will investigate societal factors influencing female musicians of the past and discuss how trends continue to shape their work today. Students will compare 19th Century music critics’ reproach for “sexuality on stage” to American Idol, study the voices of women artists in Harlem’s Renaissance with respect to modern rap lyrics, and view Persian art depicting female musicians in history versus strict Iranian conditions for performers today. Class participants will discuss how these phenomena impact musicianship and pedagogy today.

Music educators will be eligible to receive professional development credits for participating in the class. For more information, please email URI Women’s Studies Director Jody Lisberger at