Graduating pharmacy major believes URI taught him ‘to be the best of the best’

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KINGSTON, R.I. – May 15, 2009 – University of Rhode Island graduating pharmacy major Chris Sibicky experienced many facets of the University during his six-year tenure in Kingston.

“It is a big school but it is also a small school. Anywhere you need to go on campus is a 15 minute walk at the most, and there are so many different resources close by,” said Sibicky.

On May 17, the Griswold, Conn. native will graduate with a doctor of pharmacy degree and a sense of confidence as he enters the world of professional pharmacy.

When looking at colleges to attend, URI stood out to Sibicky because of its strong science programs. “In high school, I was good at chemistry and good in the sciences. I had a medical and science background, I just needed to decide what I wanted to do, and pharmacy was the answer,” said Sibicky. “URI has a great pharmacy program.“

The length of URI’s pharmacy program coupled with its complexity can be intimidating, but Sibicky says the tight-knit nature of the program keeps pharmacy majors on top of their game. “We all know each other and see each other everyday,” said Sibicky. “We are all taking the same classes and the same tests and we all want to help each other out.”

A member of Rho Chi, the pharmacy honors society, Sibicky credits the College of Pharmacy for putting him in a position to succeed as a professional.

“They push you hard. You have to know what you are doing and be good at what you are doing, and they make sure you are prepared,” said Sibicky. “They do a great job of showing you what the real world is like, showing you how to manage your time, and showing you everything that is relevant to the field.”

Sibicky was recently awarded the Merck Award by the College of Pharmacy, which recognizes outstanding achievement in pharmacy studies. In addition, he was named to the Dean’s List in each of his 12 semesters at URI.

He has already secured a job working full time as a pharmacist at a CVS near his home in Connecticut. Sibicky also plans on working part time at Backus Hospital in Norwich, Conn. “There are different skill sets required by community pharmacy and hospital. You see different drugs and different uses of resources and information,” said the graduating pharmacy major. “I want to stay well-rounded in both fields.”

Sibicky carries with him a great sense of humor. He said that one of his favorite memories from URI is finishing his pharmacy tests in 15 minutes to playfully annoy the rest of his classmates. “I was known for that,” said Sibicky. “At the last final, I stayed the full three hours and made sure everyone finished before me. I got some laughs out of that.”

There is no doubt in Sibicky’s mind that he made the right choice by coming to URI. “I have interacted with pharmacy students from other schools and I feel I learned more,” said Sibicky. “URI understands where they need to go and they are doing what they should. The school is always building and improving. We are taught to be the best of the best and I am very grateful for that.”

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(CHRISSIBICKY.jpg) University of Rhode Island pharmacy major Chris Sibicky will graduate on May 17 with a doctor of pharmacy degree.