Commencement 2016: URI actors put life lessons to use on stage

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Daraja Hinds, Diego Guevara draw upon their own experiences, experiences of others to create memorable performances

KINGSTON, R.I. – May 17, 2016 — Graduating seniors Daraja Hinds and Diego Guevara spent countless hours during their years in the University of Rhode Island Theatre Department honing their craft.

They learned acting techniques, production design and had the opportunity to perform as numerous characters in front of live audiences.

But as they prepare to participate in Commencement on May 22, Hinds and Guevara will take not just the lessons learned in the classrooms and stages of the Kingston Campus, they will take along life experiences that will help them embody new characters and give convincing performances in their careers as actors.

While actors are often able to draw upon their own experiences to find a way to convincingly portray a character, sometimes a character’s motivations lie too far from anything the actor has experienced. For those parts, Hinds and Guevara have found ways to draw inspiration from their work with others, outside of theater.