Campus involvement gives pharmacy student confidence

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URI Pharmacy student does it all.

KINGSTON- March 25, 2009 – The University of Rhode Island’s College of Pharmacy, was a natural fit for Rebecca Davis, but she never thought her involvement here would lead to her being named the 2008 URI Homecoming Queen.

Rebecca Davis, better known to her peers as Becky, has worked in a pharmacy ever since she was 16 years old. She started at a small independent pharmacy in Rochester, N.H. The owners of CARE Pharmacy inspired Davis to pursue the field, and encouraged her to check out their alma mater.

“I fell in love with the campus on my first tour,” Davis said of URI. “It has such a homey feel.” But as a freshman pharmacy student from Berwick, Maine, Davis was a little intimidated to jump in and get involved. “ I was quite shy,” Davis admits.

As a sophomore she heard about the pharmacy professional sorority Lambda Kappa Sigma, LKS, and has held an executive position since joining in her second year. Now in her fourth year, she is the President of the URI chapter. “I love it …a lot! I love watching the members grow from this experience, like I have,” Davis said. This year the organization has grown to 157 members and was nominated for the URI Rainville Leadership Award.

Davis loves how she can apply pharmacy to different mentoring roles. She was a URI 101 mentor for the last two years, helping lead the required freshmen class for two pharmacy learning communities. She says it gave her the confidence to be a good resource for younger students. Davis also started a community outreach program with LKS, going to various high schools to talk with students about pharmacy as a career. “The best part of doing what you love is being able to share it with others. “

In her third year at URI, Davis joined the Newman Club, an organization that meets in the Catholic Center. “My roommate brought me last year and I just felt such a sense of welcoming,” Davis said. The group has given her memorable experiences such as going to New Orleans with Camp Restore to rebuild houses following the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. “ The Newman Club is a family to me and its members have given me the support that I’ve needed to grow stronger as a person. “ This year she was the vice president of the group, and the members nominated her for URI homecoming Queen. “I thought they were joking at first, but when I realized they weren’t, I was truly honored.”

So what is next for the URI homecoming queen? As a fourth-year student in the six-year pharmacy program she still has plenty of time left in Kingston, but Davis is not wasting any time getting ready for her life after college. Davis is working toward a masters of business administration at URI as well. She started with a minor in business and heard about URI’s Doctor of Pharmacy and MBA dual program and took advantage of the great opportunity. Davis hopes it will give her a competitive edge as well as open more doors in the field of pharmacy managed care.

As for long term, Davis says she lives by the motto “if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.” She plans on going where the best job opportunities are. “I’m doing everything now that will give me the best opportunities in the long run.”

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Rebecca Davis, fourth year pharmacy student, posed at the URI Catholic Center with her lab coat and Homecoming crown. URI Department of Communications & Marketing photo by Michael Salerno Photography.