An inside look of the Fascitelli Center

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KINGSTON, R.I. – October 8, 2013 – Here are some highlights of the Anna Fascitelli Center.

Students, faculty and staff log in at the reception area on the main floor, which features a four-panel viewing screen showing programs and updates for the day.

Then it’s into the heart of the center and the Cardio Theater where users can plug in their ear buds, watch one of six, 40-inch flat screen TVs, all while working on any one of 41 of the latest and best exercise machines. While people exercise, they can charge electronic devices from the energy they expend on the machine.

• The Life Fitness Signature Series Strength Circuit, which is coded in 10 colors, provides a full workout circle no matter where one starts. QR codes allow loading of brief videos to smart phones on how to use the machine properly. The machines allow users to record their our workouts on each. This area also features a TRX Suspension Training system, which allows participants to use body weight and gravity to get a full body workout. In addition, there are free weights, with dumbbells ranging from 5 to 50 pounds, and barbells ranging from 20 to 100 pounds.

• The Mind-Body Studio, where classes in yoga, Tai Chi, Core Fusion, Pilates, Powerhouse, and others are offered. This area features a bamboo floor. Bamboo is a hardwood with the strength of maple and oak, but it grows much quicker and is therefore a more sustainable alternative than traditional hardwoods. On one end, the bamboo extends up the wall to allow users to balance against the wall. The studio looks out toward lush trees and the little pond between the center and Aldrich Hall. And there is a privacy shade that can be activated at night.

• The West Cardio Studio, where six Life Fitness bicycles, five elliptical machines and five treadmills are equipped with personal viewing screens. Want to watch the news, sports or a sitcom, check your email, or the web while riding? Participants can do it all without worrying about what someone else wants to see. This area also contains four Expresso bikes that allow riders to race each other and view their progress on the screen. Want to do some mountain bike racing or cyclocross, hop on one of two Trickster bikes and follow the action against an opponent on your own screen. For international students, the screen speaks in up to 15 different languages. Say you want to run on a glacier in Antarctica, you can select that environment on your screen. In total there are 25 machines in this area.

• The Group Exercise Studio, pulses with music as up to 30 individuals participate in such programs as ab express, Zumba, hip hop exercise, Cardio Sculpt and Les Mills Body Pump. Weights can also be used in these classes to get a full body workout.

• A lounge equipped with one couch, eight chairs and four tables is a place where students can check email, review some material before class, or relax and socialize with friends.

Now, head down the central stairway to the lower level.

• Strength Training Area. Here there are dumbbells and barbells that allow users to hoist weights ranging from 5 to 100 pounds. The thick rubber floor is made of recycled materials. The free weights throughout the entire center are laser engraved with the Interlocking RI in Keaney Blue.

• The Wellness Resource Center, where students, faculty and staff can get personal counseling, printed brochures and pamphlets that focus on the seven dimensions of wellness, which are: physical, social, emotional, occupational, environmental, intellectual and spiritual. Computers are available for research on all types of fitness and wellness topics. URI Recreation Services will offer workshops in collaboration with Health Services and such departments as kinesiology and nutrition.

• The Synergy360 Training Zone is a full-service training nerve center where one can work out with punching bags, kettle balls and pull-up bars. This zone can be tailored to serve the broad scope of exerciser goals and facilitate the latest fitness trends.

• The Spin Studio is home to 21 Star Track NXT Spin bikes that can track evolutions per minute, how many calories are burned, and how many miles are ridden.

• The locker rooms have wood laminate lockers, brightly painted walls and individual changing and shower rooms for the men’s and women’s locker rooms.