Ghosts at URI? 8 Spooky Stories to Spice Up Your Halloween

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KINGSTON, RI — October 31, 2017 — Halloween is here and we’ve got a pretty spooktacular list of stories about some of the places that are reportedly haunted at the University of Rhode Island’s Kingston campus. Read on to learn more about the ghost stories, legends and haunted happenings… if you dare…
*Disclaimer- These spooky tales are based on legends that may or may not prove to be true.*

1. Disappearances were reported on the path behind Weldin Hall. Ever feel chills walking through the path behind Weldin? In the 1960s two bicyclists rode down the path to get to a nearby dairy farm. During the trail, one of the cyclists noticed the other disappeared on the path and was not seen again.

2. Browning Hall “Black Out.” Learn about the tale of the two RAs who were possessed seven years ago. One of the RAs was said to have “blacked out” and was reported to have been in a strange daze after a mysterious white figure approached them. There may still be spirits still lingering where freshmen live today.

3. Paranormal Activity in FayerweatherParanormal investigators claimed that there were in fact paranormal activities involved in Fayerweather. A student’s diary contained writing to paranormal figures and spirits.

4. The Spirit Sister of Chi Omega. Rumor has it that a ghost named Sandra haunts the new member room in the Chi Omega house. Because of her presence, it is said to always be the coldest room in the house.

5. Students Aren’t the Only Ones Pulling All-Nighters in the LibraryYears ago, muddy footsteps were reported to have appeared and quickly disappeared in the middle of the library. It is said that voices have frequently been heard in or near the hallway across from the Teaching and Learning Center on the second floor.

6. Performances by Shadows in the Fine Arts Center. The Will Theatre in the Fine Arts Center has long been a center for paranormal activity, according to reports. One staffer there says he remembers seeing more shadows on the wall than there were performers on the stage.

7. The Legend of the Lambda Chi Alpha House. As the legend goes, the daughter of a Rhode Island governor from the 1800s haunts the Lambda Chi Alpha house. Reports of her presence include unexplained noises and strange electrical occurrences.

8. Past Sigma Pi Shadow Sightings. Some say that TVs have unexpectedly turned on and lights have spontaneously blown out. There have also been sightings of a figure sitting in the chapter room when the doors have been locked all night. There have been no recent sightings or reports of strange occurrences, and it’s possible that all the ghosts have left the house.


Alexa Stewart, intern in the Marketing and Communications Department at URI and Public Relations and Communication Studies Major, wrote this piece.