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Michael Rice

A former state representative, Dr. Rice studies the environmental factors that affect the growth of economically important shellfish. A returned Peace Corp volunteer, Dr. Rice is also the faculty advisor for URI’s strong prep program. The Peace Corps ranks URI No.
Areas of expertise: aquaculture, business, environment, industry, oceans, shellfish

David C. Rowley

Dr. Rowley focuses on the marine environment for drug discovery, which he says provides an endless bounty of microbes that could lead to the next generation of life-saving medicines. Research topics include microorganisms from unexplored environments, secondary metabolites produced by marine microbes, bacterial chemical communication, and antibiotic drug discovery.
Areas of expertise: drugs, drugs from marine microorganisms, environment antibiotics, medicine, oceans, pharmaceuticals, pharmacy

Navindra Seeram

This enthusiastic biomedical scientist has proven the health benefits of a variety of plant and berry foods and has shown the anti-oxidant mechanisms at work in other natural products such as maple syrup.
Areas of expertise: anti-oxidant properties of berries and maple syrup, berries, drugs, health benefits of natural products, medicines, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, pharmacy, sap

Yang Shen

Director of the URI Seismology Lab, he has conducted research on earthquakes in Iceland, China, Tibet and elsewhere around the world, as well as those at mid-ocean ridges.
Areas of expertise: earthquakes, environment, science, technology

Manbir Sodhi

Dr. Sodhi studies driving distractions, including cell phone use, by studying the eye movement of drivers.
Areas of expertise: automobiles, cars, cell phone use while driving, driving distractions, mobile, technology, telephone

Jackie Sparks

Sparks was the co-investigator of the largest clinical study of couples to date in 2009, when she found that client-directed feedback reduced the likelihood of divorce by 46 percent.
Areas of expertise: development, families, family therapy, marriage therapy, relationships, services

Mary Sullivan

A research scientist at Women and Infants Hospital, she conducts the longest running U.S. study of premature infants, who are now 23 years old.
Areas of expertise: babies, children, maternal child health nursing, medicine, premature infant development

Kristina Ward

Ward is known for her candid promotion of the safe, rational use of prescription medications and guidance about drug interactions, over-the-counter treatments and herbal remedies. She provides healthcare practitioners and others with timely, evidence-based drug information.
Areas of expertise: drug information, drugs, medicines, pharmaceuticals, pharmacy, women's health

Linda Welters

Former Editor-in-Chief of Dress, the Journal of the Costume Society of America, Welters also co-edited the book Down by the Old Mill Stream: Quilts in Rhode Island with URI colleague Margaret Ordoñez. She was named a Distinguished Scholar by the International Textile and Apparel Association.
Areas of expertise: archaeological textiles, fabric, folk dress (european), quilting, quilts, sewing

Betty Young

Young has studied what prospective and current teachers need to develop their teaching skills using exploratory and inquiry-based science lessons. She uses a No Teacher Left Behind attitude to teaching future educators the most effective ways to teach science to children.
Areas of expertise: education reform in k-8 science and math, gender issues in stem disciplines, nclb, teacher education, teachers' working lives, teaching