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Ronald Onorato

Nationally known expert on the architectural and sculptural heritage of Newport.
Areas of expertise: architecture, design, graveyards, historic districts, monuments, sculpture

Margaret Ordoñez

Director of the Historic Textile and Costume Collection, Ordoñez and colleague Linda Welters co-edited the book Down By the Old Mill Stream: Quilts in Rhode Island. She also was named a Fellow of the Costume Society in 2004 and manages the Textile Conservation Laboratory and the Textile Gallery at URI.
Areas of expertise: fabrics, textile conservation, textile design

Jimmie Oxley

Director of national center of excellence at URI in explosives detection & mitigation, works with FBI, ATF, municipal law enforcement, governments of Israel, United Kingdom
Areas of expertise: bomb use in terrorism attacks, bombs, crime, criminal, explosive detection, fireworks, legal, pyrotechnics, science, technology