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Thomas Mather

A national leader in the study of ticks and Lyme disease, he is working on developing a vaccine against the disease, developed a tick bite risk index for the U.S., and is the leading voice seeking to educate New Englanders about how to avoid getting bitten by ticks.
Areas of expertise: bugs, environment, environmental, lime disease, lyme disease, tick-borne diseases, ticks

Brian Maynard

An advocate for sustainable landscaping, Dr. Maynard can provide insights on plants, trees, shrubs and the Rhode Island nursery industry.
Areas of expertise: environment, flowers, horticulture, plants, soil, trees, vegetables

Ed Mazze

An esteemed expert in the field of business and the economy, he is the former dean of the College of Business Administration and a popular source for area media on all questions pertaining to economic forecasting.
Areas of expertise: business, economics, economy, management

Richard McIntyre

Professor Richard McIntyre is an expert on Cuban government and politics, is co-director of the University’s academic exchange program in Cuba and has been a frequent visitor to the island over the years. More...

Helen Mederer

Keenly interested in the social implications of population aging, study of barriers to women’s participation in the workforce.
Areas of expertise: aging populations, business, equality, gender issues, issues, men, services, women, workforce issues

Kathleen Melanson

An expert on nutrition, metabolism and the physiology of appetite, she has conducted studies on the affects of eating slowly or chewing gum to reduce caloric intake.
Areas of expertise: diet, food, metabolism, nutrition, science

Judy Mercer

Since joining the faculty at the University of Rhode Island in 1998, Dr. Mercer has continued her commitments to teach midwifery and provide care through the URI Center for Midwifery at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island in Pawtucket, and carry out her research examining gentle birth practices especially the effects of delayed cord clamping on infants.
Areas of expertise: babies, birthing, breastfeeding, gentle birth practices, newborn infants, nurse-midwifery, nurses, nursing, umbilical cord clamping

Maureen Moakley

Politcal commentator on state politics in Rhode Island.
Areas of expertise: government, media, politics, puerto rico statehood, rhode island politics

Scott Molloy

Published extensively on Rhode Island labor uprisings, the rise of the Irish, and the Industrial Revolution in Rhode Island. A former bus driver and union organizer, he is a popular speaker on little known aspects of history of Rhode Island.
Areas of expertise: business, industrial history, labor history, labor movements, unions, workers