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Leonard Lardaro

Developer of longest running economic analysis of Rhode Island, called the Current Conditions Index
Areas of expertise: business, economics, economy of rhode island

E. Paul Larrat

Renowned for expertise on managing health care costs, optimizing pharmaceutical effectiveness and epidemiology, Dr. Larrat’s work resulted in multi-million dollar savings for the Rhode Island Department of Corrections prescription management program.
Areas of expertise: business, drug use management, epidemiology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, pharmacy benefit management, prescriptions

Rainer Lohmann

Oceanography Professor Lohmann is worried about the chemical pollutants that drift into our waterways and travel around the globe in the world’s oceans, contaminating food webs and sometimes lingering for decades. More...

Areas of expertise: chemistry, environment, GSO, pollutants

Brett Lucht

Chemist Brett Lucht was awarded a $600,000 Department of Energy grant to study why batteries degrade so quickly and how to extend their life. One of the chief obstacles to the development and commericalization of the next generation of electric vehicles is the short lifespan of the current generation of batteries.
Areas of expertise: batteries, battery, electric vehicles, electricity, energy, power, science, technology