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Julie C. Keller

Assistant Professor of Sociology Julie C. Keller’s research and teaching interests include transnational migration from Latin America, rural studies, and gender. Her work focuses on the incorporation processes of undocumented workers in new immigrant destinations. More...

John Kenna

Kenna’s critical care background consists of both ICU and Emergency Department experience as well as a neurosurgical first assistant in the operating room.
Areas of expertise: concussions, neurology, nurses, traumatic brain injury

Diane Kern

In 2011 Kern was named the state’s higher education representative to help guide the development of the national English language arts assessment system. Her work is part of two U.S. Department of Education Race to the Top assessment systems. The work is a collaboration of the state Department of Education, the Rhode Island Board of Education and high school teachers.
Areas of expertise: comprehension instruction, learning, schools, teacher education in english language arts and literacy

Matt Kiesewetter

There are new materials to be made and new modes of reactivity to discover, but doing so requires looking at catalysis in new ways.
Areas of expertise: catalysis, magnetic resonance imaging, organic chemistry, petroleum refining, polymer chemistry

Tiffani Kisler

The co-founder and clinical director of the Center for Sexual Health, Psychological Centers in Providence, R.I., Kisler is an expert in interpersonal relationships.
Areas of expertise: love, relationships, services, sexual health

Jeff Konin

Konin’s research focuses in the area of sports medicine with a particular interest in injury prevention and sport safety. He served on the medical staff for the 1996 Olympic Games and as the medical coordinator for the USA Wheelchair Rugby Paralympic Team.
Areas of expertise: concussion, injury prevention, sports medicine, youth sports injuries

Dana Kovarsky

Kovarsky is co-director of the Gateway Café, a community-based project that provides social support to adults with traumatic brain injury.
Areas of expertise: brain trauma, communication, deafness, hearing loss, injuries, language, speech

Kyle Kusz

Author of Revolt of The White Athlete – Intersections in Communications and Culture, Kusz is an expert on the intersection between sport, media, and contemporary cultural politics.
Areas of expertise: athletics, kinesiology, politics, services, social and gender issues in sports