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Douglas Hales

When an earthquake shook Japan, he knew Americans interested in buying a Toyota or Nissan or Honda needed to act quickly or risk a shortage. He has more than 20 years of operational and supply chain experience for the U.S. Marine Corps., plastics, and the construction industry. More...
Areas of expertise: business, logistics, management, supply chain, transportation

Carolyn Hames

Interested in issues surrounding death and bereavement, specifically as they relate to children and nursing education. Co-founded Friends Way, a children’s breavement center. More...
Areas of expertise: death education, grief and loss in children and adolescents, grieving, nurses, services, thanatology

Dennis Hilliard

DennisĀ Hilliard provides analysis of evidence and court testimony about fire debris analysis, hair & fiber analysis, DNA analysis and breath & blood alcohol analysis. More...
Areas of expertise: arson, crime scene evidence, forensics, guns, law, legal, rhode island, science, scientific procedures, technology

Renee Hobbs

Hobbs is one of the nation’s leading authorities on media literacy education.
Areas of expertise: copyright and fair use, digital and media literacy, digital learning, media in K-12 schools, youth media

Donna Hughes

A leading international researcher on trafficking of women and children, she is frequently consulted by governments and non-governmental organziation on policy related to women’s rights. More...
Areas of expertise: prostitution, services, sexual exploitation, sexuality, slavery, trafficing, trafficking of women and children, woman