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Douglas Hales

When an earthquake shook Japan, he knew Americans interested in buying a Toyota or Nissan or Honda needed to act quickly or risk a shortage. He has more than 20 years of operational and supply chain experience for the U.S. Marine Corps.,
Areas of expertise: business, logistics, management, supply chain, transportation

Carolyn Hames

Interested in issues surrounding death and bereavement, specifically as they relate to children and nursing education. Co-founded Friends Way, a children’s breavement center.
Areas of expertise: death education, grief and loss in children and adolescents, grieving, nurses, services, thanatology

Dennis Hilliard

Dennis Hilliard provides analysis of evidence and court testimony about fire debris analysis, hair & fiber analysis, DNA analysis and breath & blood alcohol analysis.
Areas of expertise: arson, crime scene evidence, forensics, guns, law, legal, rhode island, science, scientific procedures, technology

Renee Hobbs

Hobbs is one of the nation’s leading authorities on media literacy education.
Areas of expertise: copyright and fair use, digital and media literacy, digital learning, media in K-12 schools, youth media

Donna Hughes

Donna M. Hughes is a leading international researcher on human trafficking. Her work on the trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation extends beyond the United States to Russia, Ukraine, and Korea. Hughes consults with governments and non-governmental organizations on policies related to women’s rights.  More...

Areas of expertise: prostitution, sexual exploitation, sexuality, slavery, trafficing, trafficking of women and children, violence