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Isaac Ginis

The most accurate hurricane forecaster of the last decade, Dr. Ginis developed the first hurricane forecasting model to incorporate the effect of the ocean on hurricane path and intensity.
Areas of expertise: environment, hurricane forecasting, hurricanes, science, technology, weather

Kathleen Gorman

Directs the URI Feinstein Center fo a Hunger Free America, administers hunger studies minor, advises students on research and service learning experiences, and works with government and non-profit advocacy agencies across the state to support policy initiatives.
Areas of expertise: famine, hunger abatement, hunger education, poverty, WIC

Otto Gregory

Director of the Sensors and Surface Technology partnership and holder of 12 patents, he deveops sensors for monitoring the health of jet engines.
Areas of expertise: aviation, flying, jet engines, motors, planes, science, sensors, technology

Stéphan Grilli

An international leader in the study of tsunamis, he creates models and conducts laboratory experiments on wave breaking, freak waves and tsunami impact.
Areas of expertise: environment, oceans, physics, science, technology, tsunamis, water, weather