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Sue Adams

Adams has researched the impact of technology use on the sleeping habits of college students and the correlating impact on academic performance.
Areas of expertise: counseling strategies, families and stress, family and community health, health disparities, pediatric psychology

Peter Adamy

For the last decade, Adamy’s research has made URI’s School of Education a leader in training future and current educators to use technology in the classroom.
Areas of expertise: learning, schools, teachers, teaching, technology, technology and assessment in education, technology integration in teacher education

Christy Ashley

Christy Ashley is an Associate  Professor of Marketing at URI’s College of Business Administration. Her main research and teaching interests include customer experience management, creativity, and consumer-brand relationships. She focuses on how retailers, advertising, and new media impact consumer-brand relationships. Ashley fosters the talents of the “Big Thinkers” at the University of Rhode Island and in the community. More...

Areas of expertise: hands-on, marketing, Research, social media marketing

Stephen Atlas

Stephen Atlas researches behavioral factors that influence consumer financial decisions. In particular, his research explores how time preferences and payment frequency impact consumer decisions involving recurring financial consequences such as mortgages and recurring payment plans. More...

Areas of expertise: business, College of Business, consumer behavior, marketing