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Sue Adams

Adams has researched the impact of technology use on the sleeping habits of college students and the correlating impact on academic performance.
Areas of expertise: counseling strategies, families and stress, family and community health, health disparities, pediatric psychology

Peter Adamy

For the last decade, Adamy’s research has made URI’s School of Education a leader in training future and current educators to use technology in the classroom.
Areas of expertise: learning, schools, teachers, teaching, technology, technology and assessment in education, technology integration in teacher education

Christy Ashley

Christy Ashley is an Associate  Professor of Marketing at URI’s College of Business Administration. Her main research and teaching interests include customer experience management, creativity, and consumer-brand relationships. She focuses on how retailers, advertising, and new media impact consumer-brand relationships. Ashley fosters the talents of the “Big Thinkers” at the University of Rhode Island and in the community. More...

Areas of expertise: hands-on, marketing, Research, social media marketing

Stephen Atlas

Stephen Atlas researches behavioral factors that influence consumer financial decisions. In particular, his research explores how time preferences and payment frequency impact consumer decisions involving recurring financial consequences such as mortgages and recurring payment plans. More...

Areas of expertise: business, College of Business, consumer behavior, marketing

Martin Bide

A former president of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, Bide is internationally known for his expertise in dyes and textiles. He also is a Fellow of the Society of Dyers and Colourists, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.
Areas of expertise: biomedical textiles, chemicals, color, color science, colorists, colors, fabric, textile dyeing, textile processing

Thomas Boving

Dr. Boving can discuss how pollutants move through groundwater and how they can be remediated, as well as efforts to find and provide drinking water in developing nations.
Areas of expertise: clean, environment, groundwater pollutants, hydrology, industry, pollution, science, technology

Jeffrey Bratberg

A member of the Rhode Island Disaster Medical Assistance Team, he travels to the scene of major disasters to provide prescription drug related assistance to disaster victims.
Areas of expertise: accidents, crisis, drugs, emergency, infectious diseases, medicine, pharmacy

Patricia Burbank

Directs the Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialist concentration and the Doctorate of Nursing Practice program, she is collaborating with URI’s Biomedical Engineering Program on device to make seniors more active.
Areas of expertise: aging, alternative health care strategies, elderly, fall prevention, gerontology, health behavior changes, long-term care issues, nursing, senior citizens

Bridget Buxton

A classical historian and archaeologist, she specializes in underwater and deep submergence archaeology and Greek and roman history. More...

Areas of expertise: ancient history, ancient military history, greece, greek, Mediterranean archaeology, roman, rome, shipwrecks, underwater archaeology

David Byrd

Under Byrd’s leadership, URI’s School of Education was named one of 11 institutions that have exemplary teacher education program reports by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. URI has also been awarded accreditation from the national council for the past 20 years.
Areas of expertise: effective instruction, schools, teacher education, teaching

Leo Carroll

Research interest in policing, punishment and corrections, criminal justice policy.
Areas of expertise: criminals, criminology, ethnic relations, jail, law, legal, prison, race relations, services

Kathleen Castro

A fisheries researcher with Rhode Island Sea Grant, she is a leader in the study of lobster shell disease and lobster ecology.
Areas of expertise: environment, fisheries management, lobster shell disease, lobsters, ocean, shellfish

Bongsup Cho

Dr. Cho has studied the effects of environmental toxins such as cigarette smoke, diesel fumes, and charred meat on DNA mutation as potential triggers for cancer for more than 20 years.
Areas of expertise: cancer, cigarettes, dna damage and repair, genes, genetics, medicine, therapy

Emily Clapham

With a focus on motivation and physical activity for young children, Clapham has helped re-shape physical education in Rhode Island. She works closely with Special Olympics Rhode Island and other groups to add more substance to her adapted physical education courses, instructing University students how to work hands-on with students who have various disabilities.
Areas of expertise: adaptive physical education, kinesiology, science, wellness, youth exercise and nutrition

Dwight Coleman

Director of the Inner Space Center, he coordinates the technology involved in surveying underwater archaeological sites.
Areas of expertise: archaeology, ocean exploration, science, seafloor, technology

Donald Cunnigen

Expertise in the area of white southern liberalism and the American civil rights movement. Recently spoke at Harlem Book Fair on The Obama Administration’s Early Years: A Critique, based on a new book he co-edited, Race in the Age of Obama.
Areas of expertise: politics, race and ethnic relations, racism, social history, social inequity, social movements

Annie De Groot

President of start-up biotech company EpiVax, Dr. De Groot develops vaccines for infectious diseases, including HIV, TB, hepatitis and neglected tropical diseases.
Areas of expertise: hiv, medicine, pharmaceuticals, pharmacy, science, technology, tropical diseases, vaccinations, vaccine development

Matt Delmonico

Delmonico has conducted extensive research on resistence training and weight loss with elderly and obese populations. His understanding of body composition and nutrition gives him expertise in how to improve quality of life as one ages.
Areas of expertise: exercise for elderly populations, geriatrics, kinesiology, muscle function, obesity

David Fastovsky

An expert on the evolution and extinction of the dinosaurs, Dr. Fastovsky has studied sedementary geology in Mongolia, Mexico, Arizona, the Great Plains and elsewhere.
Areas of expertise: dinosaurs, earth, environment, fossils, science, technology

Heather Faubert

Heather Faubert is a research associate who runs the University of Rhode Island’s Plant Protection Clinic. She is well known for diagnosing the innumerable diseases, pests and other problems that southern New England plants battle each year, and providing protocols for safe treatment. More...

Victor Fay-Wolfe

Founder and director of the URI Digital Program, a non-profit center that provides research, training, services, and consulting in issues involving digital discovery, recovery and analysis.
Areas of expertise: computers, data, digitai forsenics, digital, real-time systems, technology

Isaac Ginis

The most accurate hurricane forecaster of the last decade, Dr. Ginis developed the first hurricane forecasting model to incorporate the effect of the ocean on hurricane path and intensity.
Areas of expertise: environment, hurricane forecasting, hurricanes, science, technology, weather

Kathleen Gorman

Directs the URI Feinstein Center fo a Hunger Free America, administers hunger studies minor, advises students on research and service learning experiences, and works with government and non-profit advocacy agencies across the state to support policy initiatives.
Areas of expertise: famine, hunger abatement, hunger education, poverty, WIC

Otto Gregory

Director of the Sensors and Surface Technology partnership and holder of 12 patents, he deveops sensors for monitoring the health of jet engines.
Areas of expertise: aviation, flying, jet engines, motors, planes, science, sensors, technology

Stéphan Grilli

An international leader in the study of tsunamis, he creates models and conducts laboratory experiments on wave breaking, freak waves and tsunami impact.
Areas of expertise: environment, oceans, physics, science, technology, tsunamis, water, weather

Douglas Hales

When an earthquake shook Japan, he knew Americans interested in buying a Toyota or Nissan or Honda needed to act quickly or risk a shortage. He has more than 20 years of operational and supply chain experience for the U.S. Marine Corps.,
Areas of expertise: business, logistics, management, supply chain, transportation

Carolyn Hames

Interested in issues surrounding death and bereavement, specifically as they relate to children and nursing education. Co-founded Friends Way, a children’s breavement center.
Areas of expertise: death education, grief and loss in children and adolescents, grieving, nurses, services, thanatology

Dennis Hilliard

Dennis Hilliard provides analysis of evidence and court testimony about fire debris analysis, hair & fiber analysis, DNA analysis and breath & blood alcohol analysis.
Areas of expertise: arson, crime scene evidence, forensics, guns, law, legal, rhode island, science, scientific procedures, technology

Renee Hobbs

Hobbs is one of the nation’s leading authorities on media literacy education.
Areas of expertise: copyright and fair use, digital and media literacy, digital learning, media in K-12 schools, youth media

Donna Hughes

Donna M. Hughes is a leading international researcher on human trafficking. Her work on the trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation extends beyond the United States to Russia, Ukraine, and Korea. Hughes consults with governments and non-governmental organizations on policies related to women’s rights.  More...

Areas of expertise: prostitution, sexual exploitation, sexuality, slavery, trafficing, trafficking of women and children, violence